What We Do

Gill & Ledbetter specializes in helping people get Colorado cases ready to either appeal, or to defend against an appeal from the other side, and in successfully presenting those cases in the Court of Appeals, and in the Supreme Court.  We also specialize in attorney and judicial ethics.

We do this in several ways:

During the trial, we can bring our litigation expertise to bear.  There are critical events which occur during the trial which can either make or break an appeal.  If requested, we can come alongside your attorney before and during the trial, and work cooperatively to preserve the errors of the judge for appeal.   If you request, we can prepare, or respond to: Rule 12 Motions on Pleadings; Rule 56 Summary Judgment Motions; Rule 60 (b) Motions for Relief from Judgment; and Rule 62 Motions to Stay Enforcement of a Judgment.  We can give you the best chance of winning at any of these critical junctures, and should the judge rule against you, the work we have done will help with any appeal you might file, or defend.

And at any time, even before the trial, should the judge take an action (or refuse to take an action) which is so clearly wrong and has caused such unfairness so as to prevent a fair trial, we can make application immediately in the Supreme Court for corrective action of that error under Appellate Rule 21.

After the judgment is entered, we can bring our appellate expertise to bear to make certain that all the necessary steps are accomplished in a timely manner, so as to take the case to the appellate courts, and seek a reversal of an adverse judgment of the trial court.  All the steps must be accomplished in proper order, and there is a strict time-line in this process.  If every step in that process is accomplished correctly, and on time, then the appeal can go forward.  Even the most senior and accomplished trial attorneys have been known to miss one of these vital steps, or failed to meet a deadline, and the appeal has failed before it even could be heard by the court.

If your case was won in the trial court, and the other side is taking an appeal, we also defend against those appeals.   You won once, and it would be a shame to then lose in the appellate courts, and find yourself back in the trial court re-trying the case.

Sometimes, there has been a violation of attorney or judicial ethics.   The Supreme Court has set up broad rules of ethics, and closely monitors these matters.   We help clients and attorneys determine whether there has been a breach of ethics, and what they can do next.

If you think you will be accused of an ethical violation, contact us first.  We will come alongside you at the earliest times in the process to defend against those accusations.  The process is complex and difficult, and there are many unseen traps most miss, and then matters get much worse.  When your future is at stake, you need an expert in this area working for you.

For appeals and ethics matters, it pays to put our expertise to work for you.